Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the price of the registration?
Adult Registration includes all scheduled activities for Reunion 2018, (July 26, 27 & 28) except the Founder's Luncheon which is available as an additional purchase. Cast K & Cast T are also included in the same activities as the Adult Registration.  
Tell me about the current registration promotion? 
        Adult registration rate is discounted to $375.00 from the full rate ($395.00) through July 22, 2018.     
How do I know if it's my reunion year?
Your reunion year is every five-year anniversary of the year you STARTED traveling. So, for instance, if you were in a cast that had staging in 1983, your reunion would be this year -- 2018. The exception is all of the casts from 1965 through 1970. Their reunion is always in years ending in zero and five - even the casts from '66, '67, '68 and '69. This is because most people started at various times during the year and traveled multiple years at that time, and having the reunion for that entire five-year group together allows them to see everyone they traveled with. 
What is appropriate attire for the reunion?
Tucson in July is warm, some say hot! We suggest you bring comfortable "resort style" clothing that will work both inside the hotel and poolside. The JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Hotel & Resort has some great pools so be sure to bring your swimsuit. Attire is very casual with the programs on Friday morning & evening "business casual" at most. On Saturday there will be era show rehearsals, so think back to what you wore on show days during rehearsal. Whatever you are wearing Saturday evening to attend the era show will be what you perform in.
Can we reserve a special room for a cast activity?
The Alumni Association does not have use of the entire property during Reunion 2018. If you would like to reserve a room for a cast activity, please check with the reunion organizers to make arrangements. 
I have a mature six year old. Why can’t he/she be in Cast K?
We have established seven years old as the minimum age and it would not be fair to make exceptions, either to the other kids participating or to the people who generously volunteer their time to run Cast K.
Are there always extra tickets available for the Era Show?
Not always. We first have to make sure we have space for all registered reunion attendees. If there is space, it might be standing room only, and it will be announced at the reunion.
Should I bring my children to reunion? What programming is offered specifically for youth?
It's totally up to you! We've seen reunion be an incredible opportunity for children to learn more about what their parents (even their grandparents!) participated in during their time in Up with People. Of course, we've also seen reunion act as an excellent break from the responsibilities associated with raising the next generation! It's often nice to have your children present and meeting the children of many of your friends from traveling.
What is Cast T & Cast K?
The UWPIAA does provide opportunity for children ages 7-12 and 13-17 to participate in Cast K (kids) or Cast T (teens) respectively. Typically, the Cast T program is conducted by staff from Camp UWP in Harrisonburg, VA. Cast K is staffed by many of the volunteers who help make reunion happen each year. The programming offered for both of these age groups is based on the curriculum and activities offered at UWP Jr and Camp UWP. Participants will spend segmented time (2-4 hours blocks, up to twice per day) with their Cast Staff. They'll learn music and movement from current and past UWP shows, play games and develop a sense of community that spans countries, languages, and often generations of alumni.
Cast K is modeled to closely emulate the experience of UWP Jr. Cast K participants explore their own heritage/background through an introduction activity, they participate in songs and games as a group, develop meaningful relationships with alumni-related other participants, and learn a few UWP songs/movements for a mini-performance as part of production at reunion. Generally speaking, activities are conducted in english, though there are occasionally older participants within the program that can support language differences. Programming with Cast K occurs throughout reunion, generally in 2-4 hour blocks once or twice a day. Cast K is not a daycare/babysitting program, though it does provide adults the opportunity to catch up with their cast without their children present.
Cast T is modeled after the offerings that are part of Camp UWP. Participants explore culture, communication, teambuilding, and continue to establish and develop meaningful relationships with their peers from all over the world. Cast T delve into the big issues of today and how to make the world better. Some years, Cast T participates in a community impact project. They learn several UWP songs and movement in preparation for performance during reunion. Lots of fun is packed in to a small amount of time, with hopes that your youth will want to participate in future UWP programs. Cast T typically has a visit from Up with People staff to discuss opportunities to join future casts.
All registered reunion attendees can attend all reunion activities. If your children are registered, they'll sit with you and be your responsibility during any of the main ballroom events - opening ceremonies, awards, banquets, performances, etc. Cast K/Cast T programming does not provide any meals, or supervision during meals, so please plan accordingly.

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