Please note that if you have registered as an Individual you will not be able to add another person to your registration.  In order to add a single person you will need to register them as an Individual.  Should you want to register more than one person at a time please use the Group registration option.


1) Login to the registration site (note that you must login first)!


2) Once you are logged in, from the Reunion 2018 menu, select "Update Existing Registration".

 3) You will see this screen representing your record, click the Edit icon.


4) You will now see the event registration screen. Select the item you would like to add and all of the options for it, then click the Next Step button.


5) The site now displays a summary of your record with the cost of the additional items noted. If all is correct, click the Next Step button.


6) You will see the screen representing your record again, click the Pay Now link and on the next screen, click the Next Step button.

7) On the next screen, select the method you would like to use to pay (Credit Card or Paypal) and then click the Next Step button.

8) Complete your payment.