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Name Cast Date Of Death
Lynne Hamstra Staff April 23, 2011
Aaron Hanoian 93A, 94A July 12, 2021
Inger Hansen Staff May 1, 2016
Paul Glenn Hargett 71B July 28, 2018
Denis Harling 65A, 66A Unknown
Charles Jarvis Harriman 67A, 67C, 68A, 68C December 26, 2021
Nancy Ann Harriman (Dole) Staff July 8, 2021
Bruce Harris 75B, 75C, 76C, 76E, 78E, UWPIAA BOG May 30, 2010
Craig Harvey 84C Unknown
Tyler Hastings 08A November 1, 2018
James M Haval 66B, 67C, 68A, 68C, 69A Unknown
Denny Haynes 66A, 67A Unknown
Nancy J Hees (Davis) 79B, 80B, 80D February 1, 2005
Didier Heine 72B, 73B, 74B June 30, 2013
Wayne Henning 81B Unknown
Jeff Henry 73A, 73C Unknown
Gregory Lloyd Henson 84B October 10, 2008
Ed Herbert 68A January 17, 2012
Luc Hermans 78D September 26, 2006
Gerardo Herrera 82B Unknown
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