The next Connector Meeting will be Sunday, 8th September, 2024 at 12:00 ET / 18:00 CET. Please complete the form (on this page) when it is activated, a short time prior to the meeting so that we know you will be attending. Thank you for your interest in this meeting!

PLEASE NOTE: During the summer months there will be sessions for those attending Annual Alumni Week (AAW).

    For Reps of groups attending in 2024 (years ending in 4s or 9s):

    • Saturday, 25 May, Noon EDT (New York)/6 pm CEST (Frankfurt)
    • Saturday, 29 June, 1 pm EDT (New York)/7 pm CEST (Frankfurt)
    • Saturday, 20 July, 1 pm EDT (New York)/7 pm CEST (Frankfurt)

    Zoom details are shared in the online event and the WhatsApp group and emailed directly to registrants. Thank you!

    We suggest a time zone converter like to double-check the time in your time zone.

    For Reps of groups attending AAW in Limerick in 2025 or 2026 (years ending in 5s or 0s), you are invited to join the Info Session calls 30 minutes PRIOR to the sessions above.

    • Saturday, 25 May, 11:30 am EDT (New York)/5:30 pm CEST (Frankfurt) for those Reps of years ending in 5s or 0s to get early info.
    • Saturday, 29 June, 12:30 pm EDT (New York)/6:30 pm CEST (Frankfurt)
    • Saturday, 20 July, 12:30 pm EDT (New York)/6:30 pm CEST (Frankfurt)

    If you are not on the email list or in the Facebook group, but would like to be receiving and sharing information, please be in touch with our Alumni Community Chair.