Vice President

Beth Clay

It's a pleasure being your Vice President! I traveled in Cast A2008, but to be fair, my involvement in Up with People dates back about twenty years prior to my own student semester. We were a host family many times during my childhood and I was selected to participate in the Up with People Global Teen Challenge in 2000. My semester toured through the Midwest, USA, Mexico and Thailand. Following my semester as a student I established my career in public service and education. I am originally from New Hampshire, though I have lived in various locations throughout the world, both before and following my student semester. I currently live near my family in Plymouth, New Hampshire with my dog Maya, a Siberian Husky. I work with a variety of small organizations helping struggling youth get back on a path towards success, as a mentor and educator. My student cast has reunions on 3's and 8's, we enjoyed a gathering of 40!! at our 5 year reunion with a goal of even more at our 10! I was honored at the 2013 Reunion with the James McClellan Everyday Hero Award for my efforts to take 100 students from a disadvantaged school in Atlanta to the Up with People show and then send three to Camp Up with People. I feel honored to join the other award recipients, and especially proud of my former students for embracing the Up with People experience and giving me that reason to push to raise over $15,000usd.

As a Board of Governors member my interests and involvement are varied. While I love being an Era Rep and connecting with all of the casts and crews from 2004-2015, I have also been involved with the Development and Communications’ Committees, two initiatives regarding Admissions to Up with People, the creation of the Memorial Room at Reunions, and in 2015, I’ll be leading Cast K at the 50th Celebration!

Feel free to add me on Skype, shoot me an email and let me know what I can do to support you and your cast! It's exciting to be welcoming the newest alumni into our organization and even more exciting to get to know so many of the catalysts making this world a better place. We truly are the lucky ones, keep burning 2k'ers!

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