Christian Walton

In 1969, I saw Up with People in Belgium, and that was it! I left for New York in July 1969 to find the cast. Thanks to the help of the director of Carnegie Hall I found the cast in Lima, Ohio. Three weeks later I got a rejection letter from Tucson: I was too late! UWP announced a college program with the University of Harford and this was my saving grace. I took courses on the road with Cast C1969 and 1970 and also traveled with Cast B1971. I was assigned to set up Up with People’s first all casts staging in Burlington, Vermont and then left to get my MBA. I came back as a cast director for A1974. It was the most incredible experience of my life.

I later worked as a management consultant until I joined a division of AT&T in 1981 (living in Virginia) where I stayed (with different divisions) ending up with Lucent Technologies. I was laid off in 2001 and worked with a friend of mine in finances until I had enough retired in 2008. When I was given the opportunity in 2013 to be the treasurer of the IAA, I jumped at it. This is my way to pay back for the wonderful life that Up With People opened up for me. And what great new friends I still meet.

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