Events in Europe


Belgium (be.UWPaa)
The first General Assembly was held on Saturday 4 June. We had a motivated crowd of people thinking about different subjects like “How to increase the number of Belgian alumni in the association,” “What activities should we organize?” and “How to create a healthy financial organization”. Everybody interested in joining the association or the key team, you’re more than welcome to join us.

Denmark (UWP Alumni Denmark)
We just had an amazing event in Tivoli, Copenhagen with many alumni. Hopefully this will be the start of a bright future for a new Danish alumni association. All interested, let us know.

Italy (UWP Italian Alumni)
We are looking back at a wonderful EAM in Rome and we also just had a third successful reunion of Sing Out Genova with about 30 people.

Finland (FUWPAA)
Our focus is to also recruit new students for future casts. At Faces Etnofestival in Fiskars on August 6 - 7, we will have a recruiting booth. FUWPAA will have a visit to the Raseborg Summer Theater (at a date to be announced later) in the beginning of July to see “The Sound of Music.” A big focus is to help set up the UWP three city cast tour next fall with as many alumni as possible.

Switzerland (UWPSAA)
The general assembly will be held 21 - 23 October.

We organize our first Swiss Alumni Meeting in Rüdlingen (SH) from October 21-23. A fun weekend including the General Assembly of our club is a great opportunity to meet alumni from whole Switzerland and abroad. We booked a whole house for ourselves and it’s also great for families and non-alumni to join. Find the program attached. If you register and pay before August 31 you have an early-bird discount for each registration.


Germany (Alumni Vereinigung UWP Deutschland)
We are celebrating 50 years of Sing Out Germany from September 16 – 18, 2016. The General Assembly will be held in Wolfsburg from 30 September – 3 October.

Sweden (SUWPAA)
We looked back at a very successful tour of Cast A2016 and are preparing the tour for Cast B2016. We are having the highest numbers of alumni being reconnected as members of SUWPAA, their FB group, etc., due to the very efficient actions the Swedish board is taking.

Estonia (Chamber of Goodwill)
Cast B2016 will have their last city and show of their tour in Tallinn November 28-December 6, 2016. The Estonian alumni are working hard to create a wonderful end of semester for the students. At the same time, there will be the TAD (Triangle Alumni Date) where all alumni are welcome to have a wonderful December city trip, enjoying Christmas market, visiting Tallinn, seeing the last show of Cast B2016, and connecting with your fellow European alumni.

The Netherlands (AlumNet)
August 27 is Beach Day in Scheveningen and we have launched registrations for EAMsterdam 28 – 30 April 2017 on