Europe / Middle East / Africa regional report

Jerko Bozikovic (‘87A), Belgium, Regional Representative: Europe/Middle East/Africa

We are in exciting times in Europe. On one hand, there are awful things happening on our continent like the Paris and the Brussels attacks, hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing their homelands, hoping to find peace, safety and a new life in our countries. They are not always welcomed with open arms by some people. On the other hand, there is a movement of awareness, wanting to change the old patterns and create a new way of living together. It is in this energy that UWP is blooming in Europe.

The casts have a very high number of European students, the interviews are amongst the highest, too, especially of those who are accepted and then actually end up traveling .

The EAM in Rome was very successful and the Amsterdam team is already organizing the EAMsterdam for April 28-30, 2017. Alumni associations and clubs have never been so vibrant and alive. The Belgians held their first general assembly during the Celebrate 50 in Brussels and communication on the different country Facebook accounts is very lively.

Since it is our aim to connect a maximum of alumni, we started three new FB groups:

France: There are several French alumni, but there are also many non-French alumni living in Paris and other places in France. On Facebook, Up with People alumni France

Ireland: We have several very motivated Irish alumni in Ireland and abroad, so let’s connect them and see if one day we can go back to Ireland to organize an event. On Facebook, Up with People alumni Ireland

United Kingdom: There are not that many alumni from the UK, but there are a lot of non-UK alumni living in London and other cities in the UK. How about connecting all those people, too? On Facebook, Up with People alumni UK

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get all these locals together, but also the ex-pats living in these places? How about all of us traveling and getting together with some locals for a drink? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day we can organize an EAM or other reunions in these places, or even help UWP go back?

So if you know alumni from France, Ireland or the UK living there or others living there, get them connected on the FB groups.

Bienvenue and welcome back French, Irish and United Kingdom alumni!

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