Latin America Region Section

Latin America Report

Giselle Kuri Carrasco ('13A), Mexico, Regional Representative: Latin America

As I am transitioning into my new role as Latin-America Representative, I had the wonderful chance to meet many alumni at the 50th celebration in Mexico City. This only reminds me of how many amazing things alumni continue to do after their time in Up with People and inspired me to start a project.

I truly believe that Up with People gives you the tools to pursue any dream you want to accomplish afterwards with a flexibility and open mind that will allow you to move mountains. So it’s time for those stories to be heard!

Beginning in June, UWPIAA Latin America will be producing a monthly Up with People Talk LA!

In a very dynamic, fun and interesting format, alumni will be telling stories in less than six minutes about topics they feel passionate about. Stories that are worth sharing and that should be heard. We want to show the world how many cool things we are doing in our side of the world and we want to come together as a community to be able to do it in a stronger way. We already have people interested in sharing stories about intercultural love, the conflicts of having two nationalities and how does it feel to be a Latin American living in the United States.

So this is a call to action to all Latin American alumni who want to participate in this incredible project and, for everyone else, to prepare yourselves to hear Latin America roar!

If you decide to be part of an Up with People Talk LA, you will receive guidance and coaching in the process of making your talk, and you will be giving an amazing opportunity to all of us to learn from you!

We are waiting to hear from you! To contact me, use the Contact UWPIAA form under the My UWPIAA tab on the UWPIAA website. Select Latin America Representative in BOG member field. You don’t need to log into your IAA account to use this form, but while you’re there, I suggest you log in and make sure we have current contact information for you. We want to keep in touch!