North America Report

Stephanie Collins (‘87D), USA, Regional Representative: North America

I’m Stephanie Collins (‘87D), and I was recently appointed as the North American Alumni Representative.

The Up with People International Alumni Association has regional representatives across the globe and it is my responsibility to support the era reps and the cast reps by developing and maintaining relationships with alumni chapters and clubs throughout my region. The position of North American Representative has not been included on the Board of Governors for several years but it was decided that it was time to bring the position back to the board. This change was accomplished through a presidential appointment, and will last two years. At that time, the board will vote to make the position permanent or eliminate it. As the North American Representative, I will serve on the UWPIAA’s Board of Governors as the representative voice on of the chapters and clubs of In North America.

In the months ahead, I will ignite UWP alumni clubs across the continent. We have seen several cities really pop with activity lately, and we want to see more alumni connections happen. Because I live in the Denver area, I will have close contact with Up with People to learn how alumni clubs can help further UWP’s mission.

The benefits of “clubbing” are many! Check out my article on alumni clubs on page 13 of this edition of UpBeat to see if there is a club started in your area. If there isn’t one, perhaps you would consider starting one. Listen to that little voice inside that says, “I need my Up with People fix!”

I am here as a resource to help you create your own multi-era alumni community where you live. Connecting people together is a lifelong passion of mine, so I am excited to contribute to the UWPIAA in this way. There is just something special that happens with alumni unite, so I am now nudging all of YOU, too.


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