UWPIAA Response to COVID-19 and UWP A20 Tour Suspension

Originally emailed to all alumni on March 14, 2020

Hello fellow alumni,

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. Up with People has suspended its spring tour and the EAM is scheduled for the end of May (22 – 24) in Belgium. Our alumni reunion follows in Scottsdale, Arizona in July and there are a lot of questions in need of answers.

I just wanted to ensure there is no communication void, even if there are still many open questions. So first, I will be doing a Facebook Live event Saturday, March 21, at 11:00 eastern (EDT) to let you know where we stand on reunion. Right now, we are moving ahead as it is too early to determine whether mitigation efforts will have the positive impact we would like for the global society to return to normalcy.

Until Saturday, I ask for your patience.

Your alumni association is also supporting the efforts to raise an emergency fund for Up with People during this crisis. I encourage you to share their post.

Up with People Emergency Fund GoFundMe

Thank you all for your support. Looking forward to talking with you next Saturday and will continually keep a stream of communication going during this tough time.

T McCreary