Affiliate Organizations

UWPIAA Affiliate Organizations

In addition to Up with People, Camp Up with People, and Up with People Jr, the Up with People International Alumni Association has selected the organizations below as official affiliate organizations.

Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network (ROAAN)

In 2006, Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network was created as a fundraising organization to provide emergency assistance to all the 22,000+ alumni who have participated in a cast of Up with People or one of its associated groups: Sing Out (65-66), MRA (65-68), PACE and WorldSmart. Reach Out is there for you in your time of need. Are you an alumnus or alumna who is homeless, jobless, or in need of urgent medical assistance? Alumni from around the world have been provided with confidential assistance in their time of need.

Chamber of Goodwill

Chamber of Goodwill (Hea Tahte Koda) is a nonprofit organization established by Estonian alumni for all UWP alumni to participate in networking and volunteer projects, and to promote Up with People. Through our mission, we work with various volunteer activities and charity organizations to assist and motivate those in need; we promote Up with People as an excellent educational program; and, we share business opportunities between alumni.

University of Arizona – Up with People Archives

Special Collections at the University Libraries is honored to be the repository for the Up with People Archive and houses the Tree of Nations, a giving tree that serves as a way to honor or memorialize friends and alumni of Up with People. The Up with People Archive includes materials from the Up with People organization, the UWP International Alumni Association, as well as the personal papers of UWP founder and chairman emeritus J. Blanton Belk, and his wife Elizabeth “Betty” Belk. You can support the libraries by purchasing an ornament on the Up with People Tree of Nations or making a general donation to the Up with People Archive.