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Would you like to support the UWPIAA? We plan to offer more networking, connections, programs, events and opportunities for alumni. Please have a look below to learn more about the opportunities that you could support and fill out the interest form here.


Alumni Community: working with the cast/crew and regional reps/sharing info through those “connectors” to other alumni
Chair, Kristina T’Seyen ’78C – BEL

Alumni Engagement: helping to recruit volunteer needs for different groups/finding prospective nominees for the board
Chair, Jeffrey (JD) Douglas ’91B – USA

Communications: writing for UpBeat, liaising with other committees who need to communicate about their programs; social media support; website support; suggestions for content and engagement
Chair, Marisa Connors ‘95E – USA

Events and Reunions: support for Reunion 2023 and beyond; support events of other committees
Chair, Mary McCullough ‘90B – IRL

External Relations: building relationships with alumni-run organizations; finding alumni affiliates/partners; alumni awards program
Chair, Debbie Lagomarsino ‘68B – USA

Finance/Investment: advising on the IAA budget and investments based on experience in the field
Chair, Jeff Zadroga ‘84C – USA

Global Impact: community impact events/possibly creating “volunTour” opportunities for alumni/liaising with UWP as they begin their program
Chair, Karen Cvitkovich ’84B – USA

Internal Development: overseeing compliance and inclusivity; creating onboarding and training materials for the BOG
Chair, McKell Neilson ‘95E – CAN

Professional Development: creating opportunities for networking connections—such as offering mentoring and professional development programs for alumni to support and learn from one another as well as connecting within and across professional fields
Chair, Lori Lucas Howe ’92B – CAN

Programs: producing diverse educational and entertainment opportunities, providing a space for alumni to share their talents and wares, and working closely with the other teams
Chair, Vacant

Strategy: create the future plan for the IAA, develop and test new ideas and guide the pace for implementation
Chair, Vacant

Technology: support the website, the mail server, and the database
Chair, Jon Griffin ’88E – USA

Travel: create travel programs for alumni, in depth weekend programs and possibly special tours
Chair, Colleen Dowd ’84A – USA

For a detailed description of each committee/team’s role, click here.

Our current officers are:

President: Stu Shepherd ’78E – USA
Vice President: Birger Husted ’87A – DEN/CZE
Heather Reilly ’92A – CAN
Treasurer: Jeff Zadroga ’84C – USA

and our UWP Rep is Phil Worcester ’76C – USA.

The diagram below visualizes the concept of the structure, where there are board members who focus on operating the association (Officers and Internal Development); a Strategy Chair, with an eye on how we can continue to evolve and change as an association and better serve our alumni; and alumni-focused chairs, who can be divided into implementers (Events & Reunion, Professional Development, External Relations, Travel, Programs, and Global Impact) and supporters of all endeavors (Communications, Technology, Alumni Community, and Alumni Engagement).

New board structure of the UWPIAA showing gears representing interconnected committees

Please note: Not every project can start right away. It will be up to the chair and the alumni who volunteer to help shape and guide what is possible and how quickly any of it can happen. There is so much potential—it’s an exciting time to get involved!

Some ideas were tested at Reunion 2023; others may start on a smaller scale or as a pilot program. We are assessing interest level and viability of all the ideas, also making sure a strategy is in place to measure our results and not take on so much at once that it is an impossible task.

There will be small and large tasks available for each team, so alumni volunteers with varying interests and amounts of time are needed. If you have questions, or are more interested in serving, please fill out our UWPIAA Interest Form and we’ll be in touch!

Thanks for taking a look and we hope to hear from you soon!