Incorporated in 1988, the Up with People International Alumni Association, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, hosts an annual reunion and other global alumni gatherings through various local & national clubs and associations. Our vision is to inspire vibrant multi-generational and global alumni to be instrumental in perpetuating the mission and vision of UWP. All individuals who were accepted into the Up with People program and who completed staging/orientation, who have traveled as a cast member or served as a staff member of Up with People or WorldSmart, who were in any national traveling cast of Sing Out, or who were on the staff of PACE magazine are members of the association.

Current Board of Governors

Here is a complete list of our Current Board of Governors.

UWPIAA Fact Sheet

The Board of Governors of the IAA debuted a new tool for alumni to learn more about the IAA; a factsheet featuring financial and other relevant information from the previous fiscal year, designed to encourage alumni to “act” and get engaged in the association as well. This document will be updated each year with new financial information.


Inspire our global community to be committed difference-makers.


Provide meaningful programs and interactions to our alumni community, engaging, connecting, and inspiring a lifelong journey of celebration, exploration, and learning.

Top Three Priorities of the UWPIAA:

  • Strengthening communication with alumni in their preferred channels, with an improved website and new database.
  • Delivering an in-person annual global alumni week.
  • Inspiring alumni through relevant programs like Critical Conversations, the alumTALK program, and Expression Sessions.

A New Board of Governors, a New Structure:

We will focus on these goals over the next three to five years to make sure we can deliver and sustain quality programs with the hope and intent to expand and adapt them in future years to meet the changing needs of our alumni body. Achieving these goals will require a new board structure unlike any we have ever had before and will provide many more opportunities for alumni to get involved.
The new board, starting in September 2021, will consist of 11 new committees and committee chairs will be the voting board members.  There will still be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer on the board, and in some years also a President Elect. Also, the reunion committee will carry over through the 2023 reunion when other committees take over the logistics of the annual Alumni Week.

New board structure of the UWPIAA showing gears representing interconnected committees

New Committees:

Alumni Community (Era and Regional Reps)
Alumni Engagement
External Relations
Internal Development
Professional Development
Global Impact (Starting in 2022)

How can I get involved?

Each of the 11 new Board Chairs will begin to build out their committees in early August to get ready for a September 1 start. There will be small and large tasks available for each committee, so alumni volunteers with varying interests and amounts of time are needed. 
If you would like to know more about the new committee structure, and might wish to join a committee, please visit https://tinyurl.com/CommInterestForm and let us know!