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Name Cast Date Of Death
Vance Horsechief 72B October 25, 2000
Charles Hounchell 78C February 17, 2013
Pete Howard 76A Unknown
Andy Howard 84D June 22, 2006
Connie Hoxie 70C, 71C Unknown
Linda A Hoyer 82C Unknown
Cairen D Hubbard 75B March 11, 2005
Daniel Taylor Hudson 67C October 11, 2004
Michel Huget 88E October 29, 2020
William Hull 67B April 24, 1990
Michael J Humphrey 75B January 3, 2014
Kenneth Hunte 70A, 73C August 1, 2011
David “Hutch” Hutchinson 80C Unknown
Pamela Hyman (Brown) 83E September 5, 2008
Karen Jowann Hynish 81E October 1, 2005
Thomas Joseph Immler 80E January 12, 2018
Barbara Irwin 69B Unknown
Scott Jackson 68B, 69B, 69C Unknown
Bruce Jackson 71A Unknown
Lorraine Jackson 75B Unknown
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