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Name Cast Date Of Death
Barbara Von Teuber Staff January 23, 2014
Barbara Betterman 68A
Barbara Irwin 69B
Barbara Edelman 74A March 26, 2010
Barbara Rossi 97D August 28, 2021
Barbara Zykan-Blauser 73A December 16, 2019
Barbara Ann McDuffy 68C
Barbara Jean White 67C, 68C
Barbara T. Libby (Beal) 65A December 29, 2020
Bernadette Felton 67A September 13, 2020
Beryl Fago (Gribbon) 67B October 28, 2018
Beverly “Bev” Davis (Kimble) 68A, 69B, 70B September 22, 2022
Bill Pensoneau 65A July 1, 2002
Bill Chapman 67B, 68B, 68C, 69C, 70C June 30, 2002
Bill Travis 81C
Bjorn Ryman 65A, 66C, 68C April 4, 2015
Bjorn-Erik Snelleman 67B, 68A, 69E, PACE July 16, 2014
Bob Coffin 71A, 72B, 73B September 21, 2016
Bobby Rosas 94D
Brad Substad 70B
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