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Name Cast Date Of Death
Keren Anette Beer (Larmour) 90E January 20, 2023
James Belcher 68A Unknown
Allen “Ward” Bell 95C June 30, 2022
Randy Bellamy 78E Unknown
Daniel Francis “Dan” Beluk, M.D. 72B, 73C, 74B, 74C March 8, 2020
Waylon Benally 89C January 22, 2020
Thomas J Benham 78C Unknown
Adriana Benitez (Perez) 80E September 9, 2022
Tianna Bentley (see also Mary Pool) 66C, 67C, 68C January 24, 2021
Roy Bernal 65A June 3, 2012
Johanna Berquin 89C November 18, 1994
Sue Ellen Bertsche 85C January 1, 1989
Barbara Betterman 68A Unknown
Andrea Lea Bettinson-LoPresti 76B March 16, 2011
Don Binford 67B, 68B Unknown
Donald Birdsall UWP BOD January 10, 1998
Reta Birdsall 65A, 66C Unknown
Timothy Charles “Tim” Bishop 76B September 13, 2017
Carson Bitner 72B May 1, 1984
Mike Blair 67C, 68C, 69B, 69C October 3, 2017
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