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Name Cast Date Of Death
Dr. Kenneth Stollery 65A July 10, 2005
Will Storey 65A July 19, 2011
Hillary Stratton (Farish) 88B December 12, 2014
Carol Strode 68C Unknown
Oliver Strozier 75B Unknown
Brad Substad 70B Unknown
Donna Sullivan (McCaughey) 67A February 24, 2002
Jason Sumner 87C Unknown
Thomas Sundt 74B September 23, 2010
Kirsten Svensson 87C Unknown
Midge Sweatt 66C July 19, 2001
Brad Swedlund 74B Unknown
Charles Stephen “Steve” Swymeler 86E May 22, 2019
Bridget Sykes Hallowes 65A, 66A, 68D Unknown
Richard James Taberna 67A January 4, 2010
Oddmund “O.T.” Tachie-Menson 95E November 20, 2021
Victoria Taylor (Welbourne) 83A, 83E, 85A July 25, 2015
Donald Teeters 65A July 11, 2009
Marvin Thiessen 68C Unknown
Eva Thimstrand 79A, 81B, 82A, 83E, 84E April 18, 2020
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