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Name Cast Date Of Death
Daniel Skuce 65A, 66A, 67D, 68D, 69A, 69D, 70A October 21, 2005
Japie Slabbert 67A Unknown
Denny Smith 85B December 1, 2014
Louella Smith (Mahone) 70A Unknown
Danielle Renee Smith (Reget) 68C April 10, 2023
Bjorn-Erik Snelleman 67B, 68A, 69E, PACE July 16, 2014
Einar Christian Sommerfelt 85A October 28, 2017
Milton Spalding 71A, 71H March 9, 2006
Nancy Spencer (Billingsley) 66B April 4, 1990
Melinda Sprueil (Kaump) 68B February 2, 2014
Melinda Spruiell (Kaump) 67B, 68B February 1, 2014
Christopher “Riff Raff” St. Laurent 93E September 29, 2000
Robert “Bobby” Statten 66A November 15, 1997
Timothy “Tim” Steenberge 79A September 9, 2016
Gail Stephens 68C Unknown
Carole Stevens (Jackson) 66A, 67A, 68A, 69C July 7, 2022
David Finley Stevenson 65A September 20, 2020
Jan Stevenson (Farmer) 76E December 28, 1996
Gerrit Steyn 67C Unknown
Kimball Stickney 70B, 71A, 71H Unknown
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