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Name Cast Date Of Death
Sarah Armstrong McLaughlin 95C, 96C April 16, 2022
Scott Jackson 68B, 69B, 69C
Scott Davenport 76E
Scott Andrew McCleery 87E
Scott Daniel Carroll 71A
Sergio Galindo 89B June 2, 2022
Sergio Beniamino 69B May 29, 2018
Shannon Trumbla (Wayne) 89D
Shannon Kay Bruce (McBurney) 87D February 25, 2022
Shara Quinn 98C December 28, 1999
Sharon Sledd (O’Dell) 67A, 68A, 69A July 20, 2023
Sharon Masseth 67C April 7, 2013
Sharon Lee Smith (Actis) 67A, 67C January 15, 2024
Shauna Malone 92B January 30, 2013
Shawn Buchannan 88C
Sid Medina 83B
Simon Neville Cumming 80B July 6, 2022
Slava Tsipak 89D December 21, 2011
Sofia Henrietta Tjader 90A December 14, 2016
Sonja Crist 86E, 87E, 89E May 6, 1989
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