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Name Cast Date Of Death
Vuyo Raymond Matinyana 92C October 14, 2001
Wai-Cheung “Benny” Chan 68A
Walter Rich 66A
Wanda “Jo” Woody (Jones) 69C, 70C January 29, 2023
Wanda Jean Horrell (Ricks) 66A January 18, 2020
Warren David “Dave” Johnston (see also David Asher) 67C January 27, 1992
Waylon Benally 89C January 22, 2020
Wayne Henning 81B May 15, 1993
Wes Robbins 78A
Wilbert Washington 74B
Wilfred Shawanda 66C, 69A December 28, 1987
Will Storey 65A July 19, 2011
Will Benson 69A November 4, 2019
William Gonzales 65A
William Mackie 66A
William Greigo 66B, 67B
William Hull 67B April 24, 1990
William Griego 66B August 1, 1987
William “Alan” Wedge 95C
William “Bill” Holmes 75C, 76A, 77C, 78A, 78C July 18, 2016
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