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Name Cast Date Of Death
William “Bill” Busche 95B January 17, 2017
Robert James Butler 75A, 76A Unknown
Nancy Butler (Caroll) 76C December 7, 2016
Dale Cain 75A December 16, 2012
Michael H “Snowball” Caldwell 74B May 13, 2013
Denice Caldwell (Bacher) 73B March 4, 2007
Providencia Camejo 66C, 69B Unknown
Edna Campbell 66B, 67B, 68A, 69A, 70A Unknown
Susanne Campbell (Ferrier) 77D December 16, 1997
Annaya Cannon (Sloan) 76E April 13, 2007
Bruce Edward Card 72A Unknown
Fr. Andrew C “Andy” Carlson 83E August 5, 2021
John L Carpinelli 86C Unknown
Scott Daniel Carroll 71A Unknown
Lawrence Carter 68C Unknown
Michael S Carter 77B January 1, 1989
Mary Elise Carter (Elder) 69A, 70A, 70C, 71B September 4, 2008
Dr. Marshall Cartledge Staff August 4, 1993
Michael Casbon 83A March 17, 2019
Ingrid Castellina 97C November 22, 2014
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