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Name Cast Date Of Death
Eddie Cooper 93E June 1, 2009
Linda Copley 67C, 68C Unknown
Alejandro Cordero 98C January 17, 2021
John Wesley “Wes” Cornelson 66C, 67C, 68C March 21, 2017
Richard E “Dick” Couchois 68B, 68C, 69B, 70A July 14, 2011
Thomas G “TC” Coulombe 68A, 69A June 27, 2015
Francoise Coutu 69A, 70A September 30, 2014
Robert Fulton Craighead 72B January 1, 1983
Sonja Crist 86E, 87E, 89E Unknown
Donnie Cruz 77D December 28, 2015
Irma Eduvijes Cuellar Istre 68A October 29, 2020
Simon Neville Cumming 80B, 81B July 6, 2022
Virginia Louise “Ginny” Cummins (Tsoutsouvas) 66C, 67C August 18, 2014
Ronna Cuppawhe 72B December 20, 1991
John L Currie 67A, 68A Unknown
Melvin Eugene “Mel” Curry 75A, 77A July 16, 2012
Tate Curtis 81C November 7, 2006
Mieke d’Hertefelt 74A Unknown
Sverre Dalland 68C Unknown
Esteban Francisco Daranyi 65A January 5, 2022
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