UWPIAA Communities

Access to the “older” IAA website is available clicking here: https://uwpiaa.org/communities/ and then navigating through the site as you normally would. You are able to log into your account, search the Alumni database and essentially do everything you used to be able to do on that site.

Our new portion of the shared “website landing page” does not have all of those capabilities at this time. We are working to maintain all of the functions from the old website as well as adding some new functions in the future.

We are aware there is some concern about having a ‘shared’ database between UWP and IAA. It is important for Alumni to understand that UWP and IAA have worked closely together for many years, including parameters on sharing information from the database. Do know that if people chose not to have their info shared by one or either organizations, we respect their preference. Privacy of our members is very important to us.

We appreciate your patience at this time and will provide additional communication regarding the website once the official launch and certain steps are completed in the transition. The new website (Phase 1) will be officially launched soon!