Claiming Your Registration Account

After you have registered, and in order to make any changes to your Reunion registration, you need to “claim” your account and then edit your registration. This allows you to add any additional items or new registrants, purchase a suite upgrade when they are available, update your dietary restrictions and purchase the add-on options when they become available.

Written steps:

  • At the very bottom of your Reunion Registration confirmation webpage or email (not the hotel confirmation) click “Set Up Account Now”.
    Note: You may resend yourself your confirmation by clicking “Resend Confirmation” at the very top of the registration page.
  • That opens a web page where you click “Claim My Account”.
  • A new page opens and it should auto-fill with the email address you used to register (or fill it in if you started here).
  • Click “Send Me the Link”.
  • A confirmation is emailed. You have to click “Activate Account” in the email when you receive it to confirm.
  • Then create a password.
  • Once logged in, click on “Registrations” at the top. Then click on the UWPIAA Reunion 2023 link.
  • THEN, below where it says “Registration Information” you should see your name in the “Registrant #1” section.
  • Click “Edit”.

For a help article from our registration provider, click here.