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Name Cast Date Of Death
Douglas J. “Dutch” Mann 81B March 15, 2021
Dr. Kenneth Stollery 65A July 10, 2005
Dr. Marshall Cartledge Staff August 4, 1993
Dr. Morris H. Martin Staff May 17, 2007
Ed Herbert 68A January 17, 2012
Eddie Blue 89A January 5, 2007
Eddie Cooper 93E June 1, 2009
Eddie Dean Jones 73B, 74A, 75A, 76E October 1, 1996
Edna Campbell 66B, 67B, 68A, 69A, 70A
Eduardo Aguirre Lazareno 2006A, 2006CAP, 84E, 85A, 86D, 88E, 89D, 92C, 92E, 93C, Staff March 15, 2023
Edwin Battle 77C
Efam Eduardo Figueira 98A November 29, 2019
Eileen Mary Lill (Farrell) 72C, 73B February 11, 2023
Einar Christian Sommerfelt 85A October 28, 2017
Ekhard Wacker 68B, Sing Out Deutschland August 3, 2017
Elan Lewis 90B
Elda Marie Aguilar 80C June 17, 2021
Eliesha Marie Lovell 97A June 26, 2022
Elizabeth Shipley (Zbinden) 66B October 31, 2011
Elizabeth Gillum (Bayliss Pollock) 67C January 1, 1986
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