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Name Cast Date Of Death
Louise Gauthier 68C Unknown
Tommy J Gero 68B Unknown
Patricia Dawn Geyling 86C, 87C November 1, 2019
Patrick Gilbert 88D December 17, 2003
Lori Gilbert-Kaye 76A April 27, 2019
Elizabeth Gillum (Bayliss Pollock) 67C January 1, 1986
Robert Gerald “Bob” Glassner, Jr. 68B June 10, 2020
Preston Goforth 70A May 12, 2005
William Gonzales 65A Unknown
Armando C Gonzales 83C January 20, 2015
Jose Luis Gonzales-Segura 76A, 77B, 78A, 83C January 4, 2023
Jean Gordan 74A Unknown
Kathleen Gordon (Yanko) 68A May 29, 1999
Rozanne C Graham 73A August 23, 2011
William B “Barrett” Graves 96C April 14, 2005
William Greigo 66B, 67B Unknown
Claudia Griffith-Donovan 67C November 22, 2015
Annemarie Groth-Juncker, M.D. Staff July 29, 2012
Susan “Sue” Grover (Taylor) 85A Unknown
Ramona “Kelly” Grumley Cochran 67B June 10, 2003
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