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Name Cast Date Of Death
Gayle Ann Oade 84B September 15, 2023
Gene Dolfus 82A, 89A October 18, 2014
Gene Wilson 68C
Geoffrey L Frost 66A, 67A, 68A, 68C November 17, 2006
Geoffrey Richard Maitland 65A, 66B, 67B, 68B, 68D, 69B, 70B November 1, 1992
George Alexander 66C July 16, 2015
Gerardo Herrera 82B
Gerrit Steyn 67C
Gina Estrada (Gonzales) 73A August 8, 2017
Gislaine Schimanski (Berg) 90E, 92E, 93E June 8, 2016
Glynis Rachelle Robbins (Bergsma) 92E August 23, 2022
Grant D Ellis 80E June 27, 2003
Greg Shockey 88E April 29, 2024
Gregory “Gregg” Reynolds 77D April 27, 2022
Gregory Lloyd Henson 84B October 10, 2008
Guenaelle Phillippart DeFoy 87C
Harbin Williams 66B
Harris Grant “Harry” Mosley, Jr. 68A May 12, 2024
Hashiro Kataoka 67B, 68B
Hector Ramirez 93E March 18, 2010
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