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Name Cast Date Of Death
John Hinshaw 66B, 67A, 67B
John Rider 66B January 1, 1999
John Kraai 67C
John Pribram 69B, 70C June 29, 2008
John Chisholm 73A
John “Beard” Brewer 71A February 14, 2020
John A Keil 68A
John Anthony Sayre 65A November 8, 2023
John Charles Lehmann 76A September 23, 2022
John David Gilmor 68B June 12, 2021
John L Currie 67A, 68A
John L Carpinelli 86C
John W Lord 70C February 15, 1989
John W. Wyatt 67A, 68A, 69A February 17, 2022
John Wesley “Wes” Cornelson 66C, 67C, 68C March 21, 2017
John William Ward 69A, 69C
Johnny “Johnny Q” Quintana 90E, 91F February 26, 2021
Jon Roger Yates 66C March 23, 2008
Jorge Trejo 78C April 4, 2016
Jorge Antonio Miramontes Malacon 81E August 13, 2023
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