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Name Cast Date Of Death
Rodney Todd Lewis 86D Unknown
Elan Lewis 90B Unknown
William H. Lewis 67A, 68A, 72A July 5, 2020
William Hysel “Bill” Lewis 67A, 68A July 5, 2020
Barbara T. Libby (Beal) 65A December 29, 2020
Christian Johannes Linder 91A August 28, 1999
Ann Lindquist (Hodges) 65A February 24, 2006
Ralph Lipscomb 66C, 67C Unknown
Lisa Lohr (Miller) 79D February 19, 2014
John W Lord 70C February 15, 1989
Dean H Lott 75B Unknown
Stanly Duane Lovell 67B June 26, 2007
Eliesha Marie Lovell 97A June 26, 2022
Steve Lowe 80A December 25, 2020
Arturo Lozano de Icaza 69A, 70A Unknown
Andreas Ludi 89C February 24, 2005
Mimi Man Kiu Luk 85A, CAP05 October 3, 2021
Jerold “Jerry” Lunsford 74B June 11, 2019
Doug Macclain 67C Unknown
Kelly MacKenzie 00D October 12, 2001
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