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Name Cast Date Of Death
Michael Asplin 79D June 26, 2016
Terence Keith “Terry” Asplin 80E July 11, 2021
Terry Asplin 80E July 11, 2021
Misty Atkinson 95E April 9, 2009
David Roy Azure 69C, 70A, 70C, 71H, 72A January 8, 2006
Thomas Jr Bahnimptewa 84A Unknown
Frank Bailey 82E Unknown
Vicki Baki (Hovland) 69A July 28, 2010
Kristi Balcom (Cooper) 73A Unknown
Rufus Barkley 73A December 3, 2011
William “Buster” Barry 66B, 67B, 68B, 69B January 26, 2016
Cary Bassani 76C October 4, 2003
Edwin Battle 77C Unknown
Audrey Beal 65A October 10, 2006
Christine “Christy” Beaty 89A July 23, 2020
Midge Beck 85E Unknown
Emily Bedford (Speer) 83E March 10, 2015
Gaby “Gabita” Bedolla 93B November 11, 2003
James Belcher 68A Unknown
Allen “Ward” Bell 95C June 30, 2022
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