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Name Cast Date Of Death
Angela Teresa Clark 88C July 6, 2021
Ann “Buffy Skylark” Buffington 67B, 70C, 71B March 24, 2023
Ann-Marie Young (McGee) 88C, 90A July 31, 2015
Anna Ftorek 08A July 21, 2012
Annaya Cannon (Sloan) 76E April 13, 2007
Anne Lindquist (Hodges) 65A February 24, 2006
Anne Shima 98D June 9, 2006
Anne Quirion 89E May 6, 2019
Anne-Catherine Boes 92B May 24, 2016
Annemarie Groth-Juncker, M.D. Staff July 29, 2012
Annie Katherine Ellis 70B September 10, 2010
Anthony McGee 72B
Anthony Ruffin 73A
Anthony “Tony” Ramirez 73A November 7, 2019
Antoni Virgili Llonch 72B, 73B September 20, 2023
Ardell Ruiz 65A November 6, 2010
Armando C Gonzales 83C January 20, 2015
Arnette Christine Bosch (Smith) 67B May 16, 2022
Arthur Kennedy 68B
Arthur “Lee” Piepmeier 66A, 66B, 66C, 67B April 12, 2021
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