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Name Cast Date Of Death
Sofia Henrietta Tjader 90A December 14, 2016
Erin Tofflemire 96A November 27, 2016
David Toolan 96E Unknown
Roy C Toone Jr. 68B Unknown
Bill Travis 81C Unknown
Ronnie Trim 79A January 1, 2005
Mark David Truesdell 75B September 24, 2017
Shannon Trumbla (Wayne) 89D Unknown
Slava Tsipak 89D December 21, 2011
Dennis Tuck 79A January 24, 2014
Peterke Ubbens 86B January 21, 2021
Charles C Ulfig 70A February 11, 2004
Tito Ulloa 76A August 11, 2009
Jennifer Utken 72B, 72C May 10, 2016
Martin Valdez 78D Unknown
James Valerio 82E Unknown
Rosemarie Van Der Molen 86B, 87B June 28, 2022
Rita Van Moll 88A April 18, 2016
Elizabeth Van Yahres (Griswold) 79E February 3, 2021
Susan Vasey 82E August 28, 2009
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