Adriana Benitez (Perez)

Cast Years: 80E
Date of Passing:  September 9, 2022


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  1. From Carlos Abraham:

    Adriana was born on March 10, 1957, her parents the Admiral of the Mexican Navy, Cuauhtemoc Perez Zabala and her mother the teacher Hilda Benitez y Panamá.
    She studied communication, she married in 1981 and had 2 children, María Fernanda and Andrés, she worked for Banco Santander for 24 years, from which she retired in 2018.
    Breast cancer was detected in 2008 for which she was treated but it mutated over the next 14 years until July 23, 2022 when she was detected with a very aggressive lung and bone cancer that could not be combated, dying on September 9, 2022 at 65 years.
    I miss you so much “shorty”.


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