Beth Clay

Innovative ideas, financial commitment and steady leadership to the UWPIAA

Ariel Leah Epstein Pollack

Lifelong struggle with the disease, now committed to numerous projects working with children and families with 22q11.2 chromosome deletion

Beth Clay

‘Teach America’ work and fundraising for Camp UWP student’s funds

Anna Ftorek

Anna Victoria Ftorek passed unexpectedly on July 21, 2012. She was 23.  Anna was a loving aunt, sister, daughter, cast mate and friend. Anna was always up for a laugh, and spoke openly and honestly from her heart with an adventurous spirit. She was the first to volunteer for anything silly; always seeking the opportunity … Read more

Marina Alison Day

Marina Alison Day, 24, passed away after a two-year battle with an aggressive leukemia on March 12, 2013. Marina was a vocal star for Cast A 2008, often under the spotlight for the quiet and sentimental moments of the show. She was an accomplished artist and musician well before her arrival to UWP.  Born in … Read more