And the answer is… UWP Jeopardy – A Challenge of the Eras

June 8, 2018



On Thursday evening of Reunion 2018, the UWPIAA will host UWP Jeopardy – A Challenge of the Eras. This will be a fun and faced-paced game show set on stage using the technology of the TV show including working player kiosks, a full interactive Jeopardy board, Audio Daily Doubles and (of course) Final Jeopardy.

There will be five contestants representing the five eras attending reunion. We will switch out the contestant between Round One and Round Two (Double Jeopardy). Both will return to stage for Final Jeopardy. Bruce Erley (B73) will play the role of Alex Trebek.

Your contestants will need to be willing to be available for a technical run through (using sample questions) the afternoon of Thursday, July 25th.

Each era is asked to provide the following assistance:

  1. Identify your two contestants (plus one alternate in case someone has too many margaritas by the pool)
  2. Help us come up with additional categories to those listed below. (There are six categories per round for a total of 12)
    1. 5,6,7,8 (Show trivia)
    2. Inedibles (Odd foods from around the world)
    3. Name that Tune (Identifying an UWP tune in just a couple notes)
    4. Iconic Venues (Famous or unusual performance sites)
    5. Host Families (Rules, experiences, shared memories)
    6. Tales from the Bus (UWP lore)
    7. Check, Check One (Technical Stagecraft)
    8. Blanton-isms (Wit and Wisdom from JBB)
  3. Help us come up with a total of 60 Jeopardy answers/corresponding questions, (You know how the game works) that are broad enough for all eras and/or specific to your era. NOTE: They can’t be too specific to one cast that absolutely no one will know the answer but a few people.


The deadline for category answer/question submission is Monday, July 9th 2018. Thanks everyone for your help. This should be a great new addition to reunion to get everyone involved and the energy going for the rest of the week.


Submit your ideas here.

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