Dr. Carolyn Lee Is Joining Us at Reunion!

July 7, 2023

Some of you will recall the name, Carolyn Lee. Maybe you’ve forgotten her name, but remember that witty lady who visited your cast or spoke at your reunion, reminding you to “Keep Your Eye on the Ball,” and to remember what’s important. Having been on the road herself, Carolyn knew your Up with People (UWP) experience would go by very quickly. “Time Flies,” she told you. Sooner than you would believe, the end of the year would come, and someone would tell you, “It’s over. Get your coat.”  

For three years, Carolyn worked for UWP as a college professor, traveling with Cast B. Later, as Educational Consultant, she visited each cast and conducted seminars and workshops with their staff. For many years, she has returned to reunions to tell her stories and teach us lessons about real life. Over those years, many of her UWP fans have encouraged her to get those stories within the covers of a book. Well, she did! In December of 2022, she published her book, “Keep Your Eye on the Ball – and Other Cliches to Live By.” We are excited to invite Carolyn Lee back to the reunion this year to remind us of some of the old stories, to tell us some new ones, and to help us see the point in some well-worn cliches. She will be available to autograph her book which you may order her book from Amazon, and a few will be available in the UWP Merchandise store at reunion.

For more info, visit the Cliché website with blog: https://qrco.de/ClicheWebsite

Or to order the book from Amazon: https://qrco.de/OrderBook

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