From UWP: Seeking New Perspectives

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August 7, 2020

Thank you so much for participating in our alumni input survey!

Everyone who provided contact information will be hearing from us in the next few weeks. We are grateful for all of your ideas and feedback. We’re looking forward to keeping you updated on the progress of our UWP 3.0 reimagination project!

As part of this process, we are still intently looking for input from non-UWP youth, parents, and individuals in the corporate & philanthropic worlds. Their unfiltered insight is key to ensuring that we are not biasing our research towards our existing UWP comfort zone.

If you would be willing to connect us with someone in your network for a 20-minute conversation in the scope of our research, please get in touch at

2 thoughts on “From UWP: Seeking New Perspectives”

  1. I completed this extensive survey but cannot recall receiving any feedback. It would be terrific to review this material. Thank you.
    delMonte Davis, 69-71

    • The data from the survey was extensively reviewed by the Future Committee in creating the new plan for the UWPIAA. We will look into sharing a summary in the future or perhaps at a session in the upcoming reunion. Do feel free to reach out to communications(at) for additional information.


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