Shinichi Miyawaki
October 1, 2017

Some volunteers of Japan Alumni Club had a meeting — and drank — in Tokyo!

1) After Paul W. and Mr. Takahashi of OCA (MRA Foundation) discussed the possibility of a Japan visit for the next June, they decided to cancel the show facility that had already been booked. In order to keep the reservation, we have to pay the deposit which is not a small amount. UWP has been contacting Toyota, and UWP hopes to get an appointment with Dr. Toyoda (hopefully) who used to be an UWP BOD. Japanese alumni, Common Beat and OCA will start preparing for the cast visit, once UWP decides to come to Japan.

2) Saturday, Nov. 26 : “Let’s Go ‘66”, 50 year anniversary party! “Let’s Go” is just like Sing-out and came out from MRA in Japan. 500 high-school students and university students did a performance “Let’s Go ‘66” at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. More than 10,000 people came to see the show! It is not related to UWP directly, but is a part of the activity of the same MRA just like Sing-out. Mr.Belk’s lifelong friend, Dr. Sohma will be celebrating his 94 year old birthday, too. The Japan Alumni Club does not support the event directly, but we encourage all to participate in the event individually. Entrance fee is 6,000 Yen ($55).

3) Sunday, Dec. 11 : Christmas Potluck Party! The Japan Alumni Club and Common Beat will have a Christmas Party. This is the first time UWP and Common Beat are having a gathering together in Japan. We are looking for participants through FB and Google Mailing List. MRA House will open their meeting room for the party and will provide drinks.

4) Alumni List : There are a couple of Japanese alumni lists here and I will update and combine the lists.

Thank you!
Shinichi Miyawaki, ‘86A

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