World ONIGIRI Friends Project brings alumni together to tour Japan

Shinichi Miyawaki, Asia and Oceania Representative
July 13, 2018

This summer, about 15 Up with People alumni will gather for the second World ONIGIRI Friends Project tour through Japan. From 12-26 July, participants will engage communities in volunteer work, the performing arts and even host family living. This opportunity allows all in the group the chance to communicate with each other beyond language: the group plans to visit schools, attend Japanese festivals and (of course) try many cultural foods!

The experience is structured similarly to the Up with People program and was founded by alumna Yuka Shimabayashi (16A/B) once she returned home. Yuka’s time in UWP inspired her to launch the World ONIGIRI Friends Project.

The tour will bring participants to two different cities: Fukuoka, where festivals and music are popular, and Hiroshima, a city well-known historically and culturally.

Last year, Up with People alumni from over five different countries came together for the first World ONIGIRI Friends Project. This year, participants are from USA, Mexico, Belgium, Germany and Portugal.



For the further information and inquiries, please visit:
For the “World ONIGIRI Friends Project 2017” report from last year’s tour, please visit:

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