“Live it Live @55!” UWP Reunion 2020: Postponed to 2021

On 3 April, 2020, your IAA Board of Governors voted to postpone UWPIAA 2020 ‘LIVE IT LIVE @55!’ reunion at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

The reunion will now be joined into the 2021 reunion currently scheduled for July 22-25, 2021.

This outcome is disappointing. We know the high value you place on reconnecting with fellow alumni from our global community, but we promise that we make health and safety the top priority in our decision making.

We want to encourage all alumni to continue to connect to us and to each other through social media, Zoom meet-ups and similar efforts. Please post online to motivate others to meet as well.

Here are the next steps for all those registered:

1. You may bank your registration and leave it with us. We will automatically register you for 2021. No price increase guaranteed. Also, we will give you the opportunity to book a room at Talking Stick a week before new registrants have that opportunity.

2. The hotel will automatically cancel all room reservations for this year. That said, don’t forget to reserve rooms for next year. Room reservations will open for next year at the same time as 2021 reunion registration.

3. You may also cancel your registration and request a refund. You may do this by sending a request to iaa_reunion@uwpiaa.org, including your full name and cast. There will be no cancellation fee charged. Refunds are manually processed and will be done in the order requests are received, so please allow a minimum of 10-14 business days. The refund will be issued back to the credit card used. Please make your refund request no later than June 30. After that, a $50 cancellation charge will be incurred (as is standard).

FYI: The reunion site, Talking Stick Resort, is capable of handling two years of reunion crowds at the same time as far as meeting space is concerned. We may, however, have to book some overflow accommodations depending on demand for rooms.

Also, we have created a page for links for most airlines’ COVID—19 policies around ticketing and changes. See here for airline policies.

We know this is an extremely challenging time for everyone. We appreciate your continued support of UWPIAA and hope to see you next year in person.

Please stay safe and healthy.


Your UWPIAA Board of Governors

6 thoughts on ““Live it Live @55!” UWP Reunion 2020: Postponed to 2021”

  1. Wise and timely decision. Thank you for your hard work and great leadership in making tough decisions.

  2. My wife and I would like you to bank our reservations till next year’s reunion. (Christopher J Cullen 70B and Nancy Cullen, spouse) Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to do/complete to make this official. Thanks!

  3. Could there be a choice where you take our registration $ and donate to the UWP fund needed so desperately now? Then for next year you just have us sign up and pay again? I feel like many may want to do this and or at least have an option to give some to fund and then return some back. Thoughts?

  4. I am disappointed, but totally understand. Will make he decision about next year at a later date, as that is too far out for me to know what will be going on in life by then. I emailed and asked for a refund. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do.

  5. Thank you BOG for a wise decision. I was worried that many people would not have the money to make the event and now we will have an even bigger event. Trish and I look forward to celebrating both of my reunions in one year. See you all down the road.

  6. Thank you for making the very tough decision not have this summer’s reunion, keeping everyone’s health and safety a priority.

    My question – I would like to to have the money I spent on this year’s registration be given to UP WITH PEOPLE as my additional donation, is this possible?
    Due to the present situation I feel the registration money would be best given to Up with People and I challenge other alumni to also Please let me know if this is possible. thank you. Pamela 80B /83D / Tucson Host Committee


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