Seema Srivastava Appointed President & Chief Executive Officer of UWP

Up with People
September 12, 2022
Seema Srivastava
Seema Srivastava, UWP President and CEO

Up with People (UWP), the world’s premier art based, global youth development organization, announced that Seema Srivastava has been appointed as the new President & Chief Executive Officer. Seema brings with her more than 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector and was most recently the Chief of Staff of the Desai Foundation, where she led the strategic planning and execution of the Desai Foundation’s operations including launching US Programs and building institutional partnerships.

In taking on the role of President & CEO of UWP, Seema’s expertise will be harnessed to launch the organization’s new “Voices” program, an endeavor that will energize and connect young people from across the globe to take on leadership, to build peace in an inclusive world.

A leader in Environmental, Social, and Governance strategies, Seema has worked globally over the past two decades, with several multinational organizations like UNDP, Aspen Center, World Bank, PATH and tGELF. She serves as an advisor to organizations in international development and as a consultant for creating inter-sectoral and institutional cultural competency. A Leadership Development and Operations specialist, Seema has successfully led and grown creative programs and operations for businesses, nonprofits and government agencies, working with women, youth and senior leadership.

“We are excited to welcome Seema to our team!” says Robert Cygnaeus, Chairman of the UWP Board of Directors, “Her skills and experience will increase and enhance our ability to provide young people with exceptional opportunities to be positive agents of change.” Cygnaeus adds that Seema was the unanimous choice of the Board of Directors, besting more than five hundred applicants for this coveted role.

“Youth are the drivers of change and our hope for a better world” says Seema Srivastava. “I am honored and excited to further nurture the rich legacy of UWP, and lead its efforts to build youth leaders, who will advocate in a common inclusive and equitable voice, for peace and dialogue, globally.”

As we turn our energies towards building our newest program Voices, we look to co-create the future of Up with People, deeply embedded in its timeless vision and values. We are grateful to so many who have reached out asking how they may help as we build the future of Up with People. There are several areas those interested may contribute. Going forward, we will be forming committees to guide curriculum, production, youth, communications, grants, partnerships etc. If you have the time, talent and/or resources, please send a note with your contact information and a brief descriptive of how you would be willing to help to

Together, let’s take Up with People “Voices” to build bridges of understanding and create a society that is inclusive of all.

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