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Name Cast Date Of Death
Jean-Pierre Lamarre 90E May 10, 2024
Jeff Plum 72A
Jeff Henry 73A, 74C July 3, 1992
Jeffrey Ferry 70A
Jennifer Utken 72B, 72C May 10, 2016
Jennifer Sandlin (Difusco) 90A July 9, 2001
Jennifer Jo Sickney (Martens) 92C September 8, 2007
Jeré Arceneaux (Elliott) 85D May 22, 2011
Jerold “Jerry” Lunsford 74B June 11, 2019
Jerrold P Nicholas 78A
Jerry Walker 71A May 26, 2013
Jerry Vernon Jarrett UWP BOD May 28, 2014
Jesse Owens UWP BOD March 31, 1980
Jim Bramlett 68C March 15, 2006
Jimmie “Jim” Lee Williams 76E March 1, 2006
Joan E. Monachino (Norton) 83D July 22, 2009
Joanne Power (Ball) 81E June 3, 2012
Joanne Noordink 00A December 11, 2008
Johanna Berquin 89C November 18, 1994
John Hinshaw 66B, 67A, 67B
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