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Name Cast Date Of Death
Marly Korting 67C Unknown
John Kraai 67C Unknown
Don Kriss 72A September 19, 2015
Peter Reinhold Kuch 68A, 69A, 70A, 71A, 72A, 73A, 74A April 23, 2017
Sumiko Kudo 65A, 66A April 23, 2013
Catherine “Cathy” Kundrat 80B, 84D, 85D, 85E July 24, 2017
Fabian Kuratli 90D August 6, 1998
Young Kwak 86C June 21, 1993
Tracey LaMar Parker 84B January 11, 2020
Brenda June LaMica-Hoge 87A March 9, 2006
Charles H “Chip” Lampe 00C March 13, 2005
Stewart Lancaster 65A, Pace Magazine May 7, 2012
Rafael “Mike” Landron 68C September 26, 2012
Charlotte Lane 75C, 76A, 77D, 78B, 78E, 80B August 5, 2020
Samuel W “Sam” Lanham Jr. 70A, UWP BOD, UWPIAA BOG June 19, 2013
Marc Lanum 98E May 9, 2010
Kevin M Larson 81C Unknown
Stewart M Lawrence 66B September 13, 1989
Fred T LeCrone Jr. 85D April 4, 2009
Janie I. Lehman (Ball) 66B February 14, 2022
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