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Name Cast Date Of Death
Eric Neal 85E Unknown
Teri Nelson (Ervin) 75A, 76A September 9, 2021
Evelyn Ann Neujahr 66A, 66B, 68A May 1, 2013
Evelyn G Neujahr 66B, 67B, 68B May 16, 2013
Christy Newnham 68A January 1, 1980
Stephan Kaeg Newnham 68A March 14, 2011
Jerrold P Nicholas 78A Unknown
Janet Louise Nielsen 67B, 68B, 69B, 70C, 71C September 8, 2022
Natasha A. Nieratko 98A April 4, 2020
Kenneth Leo Nieto 67C July 5, 2020
Joanne Noordink 00A December 11, 2008
Lynne Oddo (Belser) 78A January 21, 2011
Michael D Okuley 68A September 28, 2007
Michael Oliveira 78C Unknown
Stine Olsen 98C December 28, 1999
Patricia Omo 69A Unknown
Russell Edward Oswald 67A Unknown
Steven “Cowboy” Otte 74B January 25, 2011
Joseph John Outerbridge 76D February 15, 1993
Jesse Owens UWP BOD March 31, 1980
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