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Name Cast Date Of Death
Lori Gilbert-Kaye 76A April 27, 2019
Lori Jean Gudgeon (Crouse) 78A, 79A February 20, 2024
Lori Lucille Kahler 76A
Lorraine Jackson 75B
Lorraine Wieseler (Senn) 79B April 1, 2004
Lorraine Reagan (Baumann) Staff July 5, 2020
Louella Smith (Mahone) 70A
Louis Bertrand Ongsingco 73A December 7, 2016
Louis Edwin “Eddie” Shields 70B April 13, 2012
Louis V, III Padilla 77D
Louise Gauthier 68C
Luc Hermans 78D September 26, 2006
Luther Pendleton 66A February 8, 2006
Lynn Provine 71A
Lynn Amos 79C, 79E, 80C, 80D, 81B, 81E December 21, 1995
Lynne Hamstra Staff April 23, 2011
Lynne Oddo (Belser) 78A January 21, 2011
Lynne D Cooke 74A
Lynne Redgrave Baptista (March) 78A July 19, 2023
Majsan Walentynowicz 92E January 5, 2023
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