Annual Alumni Week Updates

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March 16, 2024
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Planning for our first Annual Alumni Week (AAW) in Limerick is moving right along!

If you have not yet visited the website for AAW, please do so, and be sure to spend time visiting some or all of the dozen+ main sub-pages or tabs:

Highlights for you:

  • All upcoming deadlines are listed. Monday, 1 April is the next one.
  • Optional tours are viewable. Several are completely sold out and are labeled as such. Sample itineraries are available and will be updated in the coming weeks. Two new options will open Wednesday, 3 April. Descriptions available sooner, on the registration site.
  • The “At-A-Glance” section features emails that have been sent to all registrants as well as the list of our upcoming General Info Sessions, with the next one being on Saturday, 6 April.
  • Casts and crews are now able to make reservations for meals and special activities like Afternoon Tea, Beer and Whiskey Tasting Experiences via an online form. The form to request meeting rooms to have more time together will be available by 6 April.
  • PLEASE NOTE! Xperience K and T will have a flash sale Friday to Sunday, 12-14 April. Tell your friends with children to plan to sign up then!
  • The “Who’s Registered?” list has been updated. Take a look to see if your favorite folks are on the list. If they aren’t, invite them to join the fun!
  • Awards nominations are open through Monday, 15 April. Whom do you know that we need to recognize? There are four categories. Please visit for more information, and use the dropdown menu to access the list of past honorees and the nomination form!

The AAW Volunteer Team is now 43 members strong and quite a few of them are already working to bring you an amazing event!