Volunteers Needed for the UWPIAA Board of Governors

Volunteers are needed for 3 open positions with the alumni association’s board of governors.


First, the Reunions Chair coordinates and leads all aspects of the annual alumni reunion. This is the largest event sponsored and managed by the IAA. We would like to fill this position soon as it would be great to have the new chair work with the outgoing chair at this reunion. Reunions Chair duties include:

Reunion Event Planning

  1. Work as the first point of contact and guide for the UWPIAA reunion event.
  2. Establish reunion budget and coordinate budget, registration flow, and financial outcomes of the reunion. Review registration contest incentives for effectiveness and revise as needed.
  3. Collaborate with contracted Production Team and assist as needed with volunteers, equipment and production programming (speakers open sessions, Era Shows, etc.).

Reunion Site Selection

  1. Works as first point of contact and guide for the UWPIAA reunion site selection.
  2. Utilize historical reunion data to lead reunion city, hotel, and related vendor bids.
  3. Negotiate hotel contract (rooms, meeting space, food & beverage) on behalf of the UWPIAA.
  4. Determine suitability of space for reunion event and all requested activities such as small and large meetings, registration, lectures, meals, and musical programs.
  5. Present reunion city and site bids to BOG Officers with recommendation for best value.
  6. Maintain contracts and related records with BOG President and BOG Treasurer.

The Reunions Chair position requires a minimum of five to eight hours per week (September – December) and 15-20+ hours per week (January – August). Also, must have the ability to travel to reunion city and/or site 2-3 times prior to reunion event, participate for 1 week during the event, and be able to travel to 2 additional BOG meetings (October and March) as a voting member of the BOG.



The board also is looking for someone to recruit volunteers for the alumni board by taking on the responsibilities of Recruitment Chair. This person is responsible for maintaining a fully seated Board of Governors (BOG) through recruitment of new members for all vacant chair and committee positions.  The Recruitment Chair will:

  1. Work with recruitment committee members, Executive Team and BOG members to actively seek alumni candidates for current openings and future opportunities.
  2. Serve as the primary liaison for prospective board members.
  3. Screen and interview candidates for all BOG openings.
  4. Facilitate the training, orientation & onboarding for new board members on policies, etc.

On average, the Recruitment Chair position requires a minimum time commitment of one to four hours per week.



Finally, the board is looking for a new regional representative for Asia. The Asia rep is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with local alumni clubs within Asia and to engage alumni and communicate current news about the UWPIAA events, programs, and services.  The Asia Rep will:

  1. Serve as primary liaison between regional alumni and UWPIAA.
  2. Maintain a current list of regional clubs & associations.
  3. Promote the UWPIAA online community as an Administrator for regional/local social media sites.
  4. Solicit and submit articles for “UpBeat”, the UWPIAA website and all social media that reach alumni.

On average, the Recruitment Chair position requires a minimum time commitment of one to four hours per week.


Anyone who wishes to volunteer or just find more information, please go to the contact page and send desires and questions to the Recruitment Chair.  Or for more direct information about the Asia rep, reunion or recruitment chair positions, email the current chair and ask about their duties over the past couple of years.

3 thoughts on “Volunteers Needed for the UWPIAA Board of Governors”

  1. My name is Steve Rokowski. I am interested in applying for the Reunion Chair Position of the Board of Governors. I worked for Up with People for 18 years with extensive background in event management. I own my own meeting planning company call Premier Performance LLC.
    Please let me know if there is anything else that i need to do to make my application official.

  2. I am interested more information related to the position of Recruitment Chair and would like to be considered as a volunteer for the UWPIAA Board of Governors. Would love to contribute! Thank you,
    Tony Davison, 71A, 72C, Expo ’74 Cast.

  3. My name is Vicki Parrott Rampley, 72A. My year in Up With People changed my forever…… I took my knowledge that Up With People gave me and put to use when my husband and I accepted 12 sons from the South Sudan, known as the “Lost Boys” as our own here in Arkansas…. what a blessing it has been. We have sixteen grandchildren here in America that we have been blessed with. I am the President of an American Manufacturing Company known as Arkansas Glass Container, we are celebrating our 70 th anniversary this year….. so proud of our company. I lead from my heart and experiences. If I can help in that capacity…… I will get it done.

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