alumTALKS: A new way to connect with your fellow alumni

With an alumni base of over 22,000 located in every corner of the globe, Up with People alumni are everywhere, doing everything—from music industry moguls launching the next superstars to international affairs experts at the highest levels of their governments. The rich experience of the UWP alumni body deserves to be told and shared with … Read more

1991-2000 Era Debuts First-Ever Rep Summit

The calendar has flipped from 2020 to 2021 and with that, a fresh start for the UWPIAA as well! As you may know, the UWPIAA Future Committee has been working to cast a new vision for the organization and the Programs Committee has also been launching multiple events and webinars to engage alumni. With so … Read more

New Website for Alumni: the UWP Alumni Hub

We get it. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook these days. But most of us want to stay connected to our castmates and other alumni in our city or around the world. That’s why a group of alumni have created a secure, private, free website for UWP alumni to network with each other — … Read more

Camp Up with People: The show must go on—and it will!

With all the closures and postponements of the last year, we know that our campers and staff were disappointed to hear the news that the lights would be out at Camp Up with People (CUWP) last summer. Campers and staff alike were looking forward to everything that a summer at CUWP brings. Even without campers … Read more

Vision for the Future UWPIAA

If you could build the Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA) from scratch, what would it look like? This is the guiding question the IAA Future Committee used as it created a vision and plan for the new UWPIAA. The multi-era committee of 15 alumni not on the UWPIAA Board of Governors (BOG), from … Read more

Coming Up, Series #2: Racism On Tour

12 p.m. NYC (EDT) / 5 p.m. London (GMT+1) — Oct. 24, 2020 REGISTER — Episode #1: Black & POC Men — Same tour, different experiences 12 p.m. NYC (EDT) / 5 p.m. London (GMT+1) — Oct. 31, 2020 REGISTER — Episode #2: Immigrant Communities of Europe — What weren’t our host families telling us? … Read more

Cows, cows, cows: One alumna’s journey to name her herd

My name is Kathy Kyle and I travelled with Cast E 91.  At the time, I was a 22-year-old city girl from Saskatoon, Canada, who had a hope to work with elderly people, likely in a social work setting. Almost 30 years later, I am in a life quite different than that initial dream. After … Read more

Where Do We Go From Here?

My name is Angel Floyd and I traveled in Cast D 1986. A name you know, a man who has come to mean so much to so many (not only across my country but around the world) is my cousin: George Floyd. He was killed by a police officer three weeks ago at only 46 … Read more

Alumni Q&A from Vernon’s May 2 Livestream

Thank you to everyone who joined the Up with People International Alumni Association in hosting Up with People President & CEO, Vernon C. Grigg III for a special Facebook Live event this past Saturday. We had a wonderful turnout from all over the world and the comments were well appreciated. Due to some technical issues … Read more