ChangemakerU – A New Up with People Summer Program

UWPIAA - Megan Luebke (‘09B), Alicen Schade (‘14B), and Michael Roudebush (‘10A)
June 1, 2021
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Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA) Board Member and President-Elect, Megan Luebke (‘09B), recently sat down with two current Up with People staff members, Alicen Schade (‘14B) and Michael Roudebush (‘10A), to discuss ChangemakerU, the organization’s newest program.

Read an excerpt of the interview below:

MEGAN LUEBKE (‘09B): “We are going to talk a little bit about ChangemakerU, which is the new program that Up with People is implementing. Who wants to start? Give me a little idea of what this is all about.” 

MICHAEL ROUDEBUSH (‘10A): “ChangemakerU is an exciting new program that we are launching for the summer of 2021. It is three weeks long, it will take place in Harrisonburg, Virginia and it is for young adults aged 18 to 20. 

Together, participants from around the world will engage in dialogue around world issues, build the personal and professional skills to emerge as effective changemakers, and design an impact plan to take back to their communities. 

Program highlights include:

  • Connecting in person and building those signature lifelong UWP friendships
  • Adventuring outdoors (rock climbing, ziplining, etc.)
  • Visiting Washington D.C.
  • Getting creative and exploring the role of music and the arts in advancing social change
  • Volunteering and making an impact in the local Harrisonburg community
  • Joining guest talks with social impact leaders around the world 

This is an exciting opportunity for us to bring young people together in one location for a summer as we wait for the world to reopen. If successful, we think we will be able to run it in other places around the world and add ChangemakerU to our existing program offerings going forward! 

Help us spread the word! Who do you know who should be in ChangemakerU?

Learn more and share our website and Instagram page:

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The summer 2021 program is July 11-31 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA for 18–20-year-olds. Thanks to the generosity of partners and supporters, UWP can subsidize the cost of ChangemakerU to 1800USD, with additional need-based scholarships available.

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