Seeking BOG Development Chair Applicants

Candidates are being sought for the position of Development Chair on the Up with People International Alumni Board of Governors.  This is a specific position that requires prior history and knowledge about working on charitable Fundraising: The following is a brief description of what is needed.

Development Chair

The Development Chair is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Governors to assume the primary responsibility for raising funds to support Up with People’s mission.


  1. Develop annual and multi-year fundraising plans that will generate the funds needed to meet the fundraising goal.
  2. Coordinate the implementation of the fundraising plan with UWP Development staff.
  3. Develop the necessary sub-committee systems to successfully carry out the fundraising events and activities that are part of the annual fundraising plan; supervise the functions of the sub-committees
  4. Develop a plan for involving all BOG members in the resource development activities of the UWPIAA.
  5. Arrange for BOG training on development issues, as needed.
  6. Create specific measurable board-level goals for the year as part of the full board planning process.
  7. Report to the BOG at regular meetings of the Board in a manner determined by the Board.
  8. Annually evaluate its work as a committee and the objectives it has committed itself to and report on same to the BOG.
  9. May be responsible for Legacy Scholarship management and reporting duties when determined.


  1. Recruit a Development Committee that will provide leadership and support to the BOG in the area of philanthropy / alumni giving
  2. Assist in any program related to fund raising whether at reunions or as designated by the BOG.
  3. Work in partnership with the UWP Development staff in supporting their development effort (direct mail, annual and planned gifts)

If you have an interest in applying for this position on the UWPIAA Board of Governors, please submit your resume and application that can be found on the UWPIAA website and submit to the Recruitment Chair via that channel.

Thank you for your consideration.

Doug Hasler
UWPIAA Board of Governors
Recruitment Chair

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