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EAM and UWPIAA Silent Auction Teams
March 11, 2024
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What Is a Silent Auction?
A silent auction is a fundraising event at which items for sale are displayed for attendees to browse, place bids on, and purchase. Participants place their bids silently and anonymously on a bid sheet using a bidding number or a mobile device—hence the name silent auction.

Why Host a Silent Auction?
The UWPIAA uses a Silent Auction to fundraise in an engaging way. Rather than simply soliciting donations, hosting a silent auction allows donors to actively participate in an event and maybe even make an exciting purchase. Additionally, because the items being auctioned have been donated to the organization, the nonprofit does not lose any money.
During the EAM week Antwerp and UWPIAA Annual Alumni Week (AAW) Limerick you will be able to bid in the Silent Auction at each event, online, or both. More information about the bid possibilities in Antwerp and Limerick will follow.

How Does a Silent Auction Work?
Attendees spend time (online or at the event) checking out the items for auction. When they find something they’d like to bid on, they use their bidding number to make an anonymous bid on the sheet in front of the item or online. There will be a minimum bid amount and a minimum increase requirement. The minimum increase requirement dictates how many dollars/Euros more a bid must be than the last. Once the bidding has ended and the winning bids have been announced, winners can complete their transactions and collect their items in a checkout area.
Please Note: We will not be sending any silent auction items by mail. Vouchers can be send by e-mail.

How Can I Help?
You are most welcome to donate an item for the Silent Auction. Items have ranged from overnight stays in locations around the world to something special from your community or region. You might also think about a service you could provide that others may enjoy such as a walking tour, hosting or donating your home for a vacation, beer/wine tour, photography session, a how-to online course (learning a musical instrument, baking, crafts, etc.). Be creative and let others enjoy your hospitality, your creativity and your resourcefulness.

Recent silent auction items have included the following:

  • Hand-made jewelry
  • Artwork/photography
  • Online classes in relaxation
  • Apple watch/iPad/earbuds
  • Gift baskets (wine/beer/chocolate/games/crafted items)
  • Overnight stays in Vermont, Nova Scotia, and Mexico
  • Special tours
  • Event tickets …and more!

Please contact Tineke Turck for information and items or voucher donations.
We will accept donations for the EAM Antwerp week and the UWPIAA AAW in Limerick in collaboration with Brenda Moran and Pat Glassner, who head up the AAW Silent Auction Team.

Please email silentauction@uwpiaa.org to reach Tineke, Brenda or Pat.

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