Global Impact: Kosovo & Albania Volunteer Experience

April 6, 2024

Dates: October 25 – November 1, 2024

Spend 6 memorable days and nights in Kosovo and Albania volunteering to improve the lives of children, elders, and families in need with long-term, sustainable projects. Join with other UWP alumni to contribute to these projects in partnership with New Day Impact (NDI), an NGO founded by UWP alumnus Paul de Lang.

This trip will be facilitated in partnership with NDI and Paul de Lang, ’86-’93, and Karen Cvitkovich, ’84B, Global Impact Committee Chair and cross-cultural consultant. NDI has been running volunteer trips to Kosovo and Albania for over eight years and helped to facilitate the UWP cast in 2018 on their tour of Kosovo.

Cost is $2,200, and includes:

  • Flight from Vienna to Kosovo
  • 6 nights hotel (double occupancy)
  • Most meals
  • Bus travel
  • And more!

Cost does not include your travel to/from Vienna.

For more information and a sample schedule, visit the “Opportunities” dropdown menu on this site.

9 thoughts on “Global Impact: Kosovo & Albania Volunteer Experience”

    • I would definitely like to learn more. My husband recently passed away last August. I was his caregiver. I used to love serving and participating in international service and would be interested in learning more about the details of thr projects and how the people of Albania and Kosovo would benefit.

      • Dear Maureen,

        My sincere sympathy about the passing of your husband. I would love to speak to you more about the possibility of you going on this service trip and will be in touch.

    • Hi Kim,

      So glad for your interest. I will email you information today and also am happy to have a call with you to discuss this further.

  1. Hi Kim! I would be happy to have a call with you to discuss this further. Take a look for an email with my contact information. Looking forward to speaking to you! Best Regards, Karen Cvitkovich, Chair, Global Impact

  2. Hi🌞
    I joined the impact group that went to Gjakova in 2018, and loved it.
    I would consider to join this year too, but I think the price is overwhelming. I’m European and having to go to Vienna before going to Albania will be an unnecessary way to raise the cost for me. Flight tickets from Norway to Vienna is often more expensive than flying directly to Albania.

    • Hello Anne-Catherine, We so appreciate this feedback and are in the process of making a change based on this. We will allow people to fly direct and will discount the price by $300 (which is what we budgeted to fly each person for Vienna to Prístina). This change will be reflected this week in the registration site. Also, happy to have a call with you to discuss this further. Thanks so much for your interest in going back!


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