Blanton Belk to Recognize Dale Penny with Founders Award during Reunion 2019

Dale Penny addresses attendees of Reunion 2018; Embedded: Blanton Belk poses with Dale during Reunion 2018

Up with People Founder J. Blanton Belk will recognize retiring UWP President & CEO Dale Penny with the 2019 Founders Award during Reunion 2019 at Friday’s opening session and following at the Founders Legacy Luncheon on Friday, July 26 in Tucson, AZ.

Each year, the Founders Legacy Luncheon is a sold-out, can’t-miss opportunity to mingle and share memories with folks from all eras of Up with People; honoring those individuals who have played an instrumental role for Up with People throughout the years.

This year’s luncheon will be a singular opportunity for Blanton Belk to recognize Dale and his countless contributions to Up with People. Steve, Paul, Clayton and Jeb Colwell will join in the festivities with a few favorite songs during the luncheon.

Seats are still available to join in the celebration; whether attending Reunion 2019 or if you find yourself in Tucson during the celebration, consider registering for the Founders Legacy Luncheon before tickets sell out.

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2 thoughts on “Blanton Belk to Recognize Dale Penny with Founders Award during Reunion 2019”

  1. Dale ~

    We are all so grateful for your dedication to ensuring that ‘UWP’ continually thrives for both the students and communities! THANK YOU from the depth of our hearts!

    Though our world is constantly changing, ‘UWP’ stays fluid in how we reach out to touch and encourage people of all ages, races and economic backgrounds to engage and join in the journey.

    God bless you ~
    Jan Hill Peterson
    Cast E ’76-77′


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