Celebrating the Heart of Mexico: Mexican Tour 2019

Cast A 2019’s tour to México will be focused on the center of the country. We have so many celebrations and special events lined up to make this tour of México a memorable one!

First, we will visit Celaya, Guanajuato, México; our first visit in more than 25 years! Our return to the “cajeta” (candy) capital of the world is largely due to our relationship with Rotary. Following our visit, we will travel to México City, Naucalpan, and Metepec; all cities we have traveled to before and that welcome us with open arms.

Cast A 2019 will help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of DCH, a México-based company founded by alumna and Up with People Board Member, Lupita Esparza (‘73B). This year is also the 40th Anniversary of Fondo Unido – México (United Way – México) and Up with People will be providing the entertainment for the Rotary’s Summit of Public Image of the Americas! This is truly an honor. We hope all of these events will create lasting relationships with key individuals in México.

We hope to see many México alumni at our public shows. Please visit www.vivalagente.org for more information.


The Viva la Gente Team
Armando Gonzalez (‘07A) & Carlos Vazquez (‘17A)

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