Reconnect on a New Website for Alumni

UWP Alumni Hub
July 17, 2022

The UWP Alumni Hub (“the Hub”), an affiliate of the UWPIAA, is now live! Inspired in part by alumni posting house-swapping requests on Facebook, the Hub is a single, secure website where alumni can connect for:

  • Travel exchange: House swapping, hosting, couch surfing, and home rental. This is the spot to post or find places for alumni to stay worldwide.
  • Social community: Like Facebook, but for alumni only and without any ads. Plus your data is safe and will never be sold.
  • Events calendar: Keep up on what’s going on in your region or around the world, or set up your own event for alumni.
  • Business networking: Advertise your business, or find an alumni-owned business to support.
  • And more to come!

Why a new site when so many alumni are already connected on Facebook?
As with the Facebook group, only people recognized as alumni by the UWPIAA have access to the Hub, and unlike Facebook, we can guarantee that your data will never be shared or sold. All registration requests are verified before being approved. The site was created to complement what the UWPIAA provides for alumni, and the services offered on the Hub were decided in conjunction with the UWPIAA Board of Governors.

The Hub is the brainchild of Kimmo Vallema (’90D). Together with Sheila Walsh Dettloff (’84D) and several other alumni who helped the idea become reality, Kimmo has spent the past two years creating and refining the site. Go to to sign up, connect with other alumni, give feedback—and help decide what should be added in the future!

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