Rendezvous Videos and Photos Available

John Parker ('65A)
December 18, 2022

The Rendezvous was a smashing success beyond our wildest dreams!

We are very happy to be able to share the event with you.

Thanks to Don Kagin (’69A) we have four high-definition videos available on Vimeo!

VIDEOS: The Friday morning video includes footage taken at Mackinac in 1964, Germany in 1965, Mackinac College, PACE, and Caux, Switzerland IOC aka MRA. It also lists the names of the people who made all these events and organizations possible. The video includes other facts and details, presentations from IOC, Reach-Out, UWPIAA, and UWP’s new CEO.

 For the program and performers in the Friday and Saturday nights shows click on the links below.
Please note, some videos have a long lag time at the beginning (up to 5 minutes) though you will see the logo. You will want to fast forward past that. Move the cursor farther along the control bar/timeline to get into the content. Small pictures will show you what is showing where the cursor is. Double click below to watch a video.

Friday morning Opening Session

Friday evening

Saturday night

Arizona and Friends

ABS Production Services Inc. 11299 South Foxton Road, Conifer, Colorado 80433  720-837-0329   Gary Wysocki. Videographer Dan Olsen.


Jo Mercurio (’68C) took amazing photos of the three days which are available in three formats.

Rendezvous images are available on a Google drive, and as a book and a pdf of the book from Blurb. The book cost is $101.47 plus shipping and tax. The PDF of the book is $4.99. Order from Blurb at the following link: Rendezvous Chicago September, 2022. Search Google for Blurb discount codes” which may reduce the cost.

The Google page with single images of the Rendezvous, Hootenanny shows and rehearsals is at this link: Rendezvous Single Images. Each person with the link to the Google folder can access and download images. Please be aware that you have photographers’ permission to print or display images for personal use only. Read the copyright file in the Google Drive folder for more detail.

Archival quality larger prints, 8×12 and beyond, can be ordered by contacting Jo Mercurio at


All the very best to each of you!

2 thoughts on “Rendezvous Videos and Photos Available”

  1. Thank you Marisa and the UpBeat team for including the Rendezvous article in this issue of UpBeat. It was a very special event. The two unique musical shows had the talents of 35 singers and musicians representing the years of 1964 through 1982, and the specialty casts of 2009 Branson and 2015 Tapestry Cast. Among the performing singers and musicians were 3 generations of our legacy musical founders. We were honored to have seven of the nineteen Up with People honored Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees sharing the same stage for the first time. In addition to the 2 unique musical shows we had an Opening Morning session that gave a view of the origins of this movement that eventually became known as Up with People. Included in the weekend event were sessions for three different book presentations. Our entire team were all volunteers and it was supported by a technical and professional production team of 14 volunteer alumni, and an amazing support team of over 20 alumni. Thank you again for highlighting this wonderful event and sharing with the alumni community of Up with People.
    Bonnie Knight


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